Thursday, March 15, 2012

Canadian Tuxedo, eh?

Ah Chambray, the new love of my life. Comfort and style, and if you're ballsy enough to pair with blue jeans you have yourself a classic Canadian tuxedo! I may be guilty of this (only one or two times, I swear). 

Has anyone felt like they've been in a hair funk? Maybe its the changing seasons but one day I wake up and I'm ready to chop all my hair off, the next I'm ready to do a drastic ombre color to it, and today I want to grow out my bangs. That Topher is on to something, just shave it all off and not worry about it. No no, let's re-think that thought- I don't think I can pull off a Natalie Portman shaved head.

Outfit Details: 
Chambray Button-up: Target
Jeans: GAP
Combat Boots: Madewell


  1. AH was do tempted to shave mine at one point. but I left it at the shortest pixie cut ever instead. now it's just below my chin

    1. But I love the pixie cut! It's so adorable! If I had the confidence to cut it all off I definitely would.